Models as of January 2021

 Antiviral and Antibacterial Solution for Sterilizer Application with Personal Temperature Laser Detection

Each disinfection tunnel is equipped with:

- UV neon lamps

- Sensor doser for hands disinfection

- Disinfection sponge filled with footwear disinfectant

- New sprayers which spray people with disinfectant in form of fog, which is completely safe for humanhealth

- Temperature laser, which warns by an audio signal when user in tunnel has increased temperature

- Water collector which collects all disinfectant that can be empied after use in an easy and simple manner, so that the area in the disinfection tunnel remains completely dry and clean.


Tunnels can be one- or two-direction, depending on the quantity of users flow.


We chose the material "alucobond" because it is resistant to atmospheric influences. The material is produced in the form of board in Germany at the ThyssenKrupp-plastics factory. There are various tunnels on the market but we do not want to produce plastic foil tunnels because the world will not get rid of COVID and CORONA so quickly.


Key Specifications/Special Features:



• Temperature collection distance: 10-20cm

• Temperature collection time: 2s

• Temperature collection range: 34-45 ° C

• Disinfection time: 3-5s

• weight: 180kg

• Service voltage: universal

• Rated power: 400w

• Test / disinfection efficiency: 180 person/Hour

• size: 2.2M*1.2M*2.4M

• 30 l replaceable tank with disinfectant liquid

• disinfectant liquid, without alcohol, based on plain water dissolved disinfectant tablets (pills) based on chlorine dioxide



Terms of sale:

  • Customers letter of intent or purchase order and sales agreement
  • Payment Method: 60% Advance, 40% LCDD
  • Delivery: Within 15 days, is not included in the price
  • We approve quantity discounts, quantities are not limited
  • The design can be almost completely customized, not included in the price.