DCD pills

We use a liquid prepared from dry matter (one pill per liter of water.). The solution obtained by dissolving the pills in distilled water is also not alcohol-based.

Our pills are used mainly in destinations where it is disabled and / or under a special regime, the import of liquids of any kind.  

DCD Pills is an extremely useful disinfection product, dry product in the form of pills / tablets which dissolves in water make chlorine dioxide. In various concentrations, depending on the applications, chlorine dioxide use like

potable water, industrial activities, including water the food and beverage industry, hand and clothing / footwear disinfection. The tablet is self-dissolving in water and takes about 4 minutes to dissolve.


Decontaminating pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities is essential for producing safe and pure drugs. The most commonly used decontaminant in the industry has been sublimated formaldehyde. In June 2004, however, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified formaldehyde as carcinogenic to humans.

The US and most world health organizations now recognize formaldehyde as a carcinogen or a possible arcinogen for humans. Although some companies still use formaldehyde, the pharmaceutical industry is looking for alternative decontaminants.

The minimum quantity of pills to order is 200 pieces. 


 Chlorine dioxide is a broad-spectrum biocide with the advantage that bacteria, fungi and viruses do not build up a natural resistance. Chlorine dioxide as emerged as popular replacement of formaldehyde. Chlorine dioxide offers the most thorough decontamination possible in the safest manner with out producing any carcinogenic bi products. With these entire advantages chlorine dioxide decontaminates the vessels, reactors, head space, process tanks, and filtration units. Chlorine dioxide effectively reduces the down time.


With the recent and quite sudden withdrawal from sale of clear soluble phenolics, as a result of the European Biocidal Products Directive, many laboratories have been involved in a rapid search for suitable alternative

disinfectants. One such alternative is chlorine dioxide, already well-established in hospitals for instrument decontamination and hard surface disinfection, and now finding an increasing role for decontaminating equipments, reactors, vessels, filtration units and processing tanks in the pharmaceutical formulation units.


DCD Pills (in fact, eOxide LQ 75) is a concept in which pure chlorine dioxide is generated in water by the reaction of two stable liquids formed from pills. There are no hazardous byproducts and there is no risk of explosion. It is very easy to handle and to transport.


EOXIDE LQ 75 is a concept in which a pure chlorine dioxide solution of 0,75% is generated in water by the reaction of 2 stable liquids. The chlorine dioxide is practically 100% pure (99,9 %). There are no by-products such as free chlorine and chlorite. There is no risk of explosion. The kinetic halftime at 20°C is between 30 and 45 days, stored in a dark and dry place. Due to all these advantages and the superior disinfection capacity, chlorine dioxide is now a very useful disinfection product for many applications like potable water, industrial activities, including the food and beverage industry.


EOXIDE LQ 75 can be perfectly used for water disinfection: drinking water, waste water, effluent water, sewage water, oil and gas industry, paper and pulp industry, cooling towers, pipeline and tank cleaning, etc. 



EOXIDE LQ 75 has a kinetic halftime between 30 and 45 days when stored in a dark, dry place at the temperature of +- 20°C. Is practically pure: (99,9 %). No explosion risk (use of special chemical inhibitors). Is not corrosive (less than water). Is very easy to handle and transport.



EOXIDE LQ 75 is a broad spectrum disinfectant. Much stronger than chlorine. Kills bacteria, algae, fungi, yeast, viruses, cyst. Broad pH range (4 - 10). Destruction of and prevention against biofilm. Effective against legionella.



EOXIDE LQ 75 does not generate free chlorine when dosed into the water Does not generate chlorite after preparation in the concentrate. Is not generating by products like THM’s, HAA’s and Mutagen X like chlorine is doing. Does neither change the taste nor the color of treated water.



Is very easy to use and can be dosed in low quantities because of its power and strength. Requires very simple dosing and measuring equipment. Implies a very safe preparation method. Does not require a eactor/generator




  • Disinfection of potable waters
  • Waste water, processing waters
  • Surface disinfection, food industry
  • Paper and pulp industry, bleaching
  • Cooling towers, against legionella
  • Agriculture, irrigation, drinking water, farm disinfection
  • Food industry, milk, meat, slaughter houses
  • Beverage industry, breweries
  • Washing waters, vegetables, potatoes
  • Swimming pools, Whirlpools
  • Legionella, biofilm removal