Tunnel Against Corona Info Sheet


The exact sizes of all models are on the models tab.


Special panels resistant to the impact of abrasive liquids, solid

polycarbonates in colors.


Grey, golden, green and blue.

 Technological     equipment

Special noiseless pump for abrasive liquids, atomizers (jets— top quality intended for abrasive materials for long-term use. They release the disinfectant liquid in form of mist and perform so called irrigation which is not harmful for the health of grown-ups, young people and animals). The pressure system is made of specific certified materials, Special nano filters additionally filtrate the disinfectant which enables the system to operate in a long-term and undisturbed manner, entry- exit doors are made of solid polycarbonate resistant to abrasive liquids, special UV lamps that produce the effect of additional disinfection of the users inside the disinfection tunnels and additionally sterilize the area inside the disinfection tunnel. Special disinfection sponges for disinfection of all types of footwear of the tunnel users, liquids collector which gathers the all-day disinfection liquid made during the daily use, a suction device which performs a quick suction of the liquid generated after the daily use, temperature laser (measuring the temperature of all disinfection tunnels' users, which detects every increased form of the users' temperature by audio signalization), sensor doser for hands disinfection at the entry into the disinfection tunnel, motion sensor which activates the operation of the atomizer during entering the tunnel so that the disinfection liquid is activated and it performs the disinfection of the users, so with this new innovative technological way of operation we can save disinfectant in minimum amount of 15 times, in comparison to other manufacturers, LED signalization is activated by sensors and

it informs the user during entering, staying in and exiting the tunnel.


The weight depends on the model and additional equipment being installed.


Modular assembling, quite simple and functional. No special training

required. All models are ready for simple assembling.

Power supply

Power system operates at 12-24V, so it is completely safe for all the disinfection tunnels' users. Power supply is performed with DC adapter of low voltage. The system is energetically very stable and is a minor consumer of power supply. The power block contains a pump with the engine, as well as a tank with disinfection liquid and digital electronics for controlling placed into a separately designed box, made of the same material as the disinfection tunnel. The power supply may be physically placed inside the assembly of the disinfection tunnel but also there is a possibility of physical dislocation of the power assembly to the agreed distance.

Additional equipment upon the customer purchase order

- Video monitoring of the tunnel

- Audio navigation through the tunnels

- Thermal vision camera

- Increased capability of disinfection equipment

- Testing (in preparation)


Inside the disinfection tunnel there is also a new innovation of the SmarTesla Holding which completely neutralizes the lethal effect of electricity hitting water, and thus all users of our tunnels are

completely safe since in this way we prevent the negative effects of electricity hitting water, which results in high death rate.


The system has been designed so that it is not necessary to perform any additional maintenance which should cause additional costs. For the health of the users, and in addition to the recommendations of our experts, the entire system with atomizers of the tunnel should be disinfected each 15 days with a special liquid which has higher disinfection values. The aforementioned process lasts for about 2



All components of disinfection tunnel are in stretch film packaging, cardboard packaging and pallets.

Assembly and use instructions

A printed version of detailed instructions is included in cardboard packaging. Digital instructions may be downloaded with QR code,

for each tunnel separately. The mentioned QR code will be included in the instructions for use.